Search engine strategies for traffic building & page rankings

So we ask ourselves, where do we even begin on our journey to receiving traffic or making sales online.

I will presume you already have a basic website built (3 pages min), it’s filled with lots of lovely pictures and a title that says “Welcome to my great wonderful website”. As we touched on earlier a good domain name (url) and title are of utmost importance, try to create unique and accurate page titles. If your website is called http://www.the diet, don’t title your pages WELCOME TO THE DIET SHOP or ABOUT THE DIET SHOP think out the box.

The easiest way of doing this is using search engine strategies and keyword research, your website needs a traffic grabbing title and it helps to be search engine friendly. So just how do you decide what keywords you should and should not use.

There is a great free resource from Google for just this kind of research, its called Google Keywords tool and it lets you pick the niche targeted keywords for your url`s and title`s.

When using the Google keyword tools in your search engine strategies, I recommend that you target niche long-tailed keywords of between 3-5 keywords. Aim for 3 targeted keywords as a sentence these will make great page titles, think about what you would type if you were doing a search.

ideally the keywords you choose should have around 10,000 monthly searches on the Google keyword tool, look for low to medium competition words. When your armed with your list of keywords (at least 5), goto the Google home page search bar. Begin typing each long-tailed keyword individually to do a search, place  ” ” quotes around each set of words or sentence this will tell Google to only search for that exact fraze or set of words

Just below the Google search bar it tells you how many searches have been performed on the keywords you’re targeting, discard any keywords with over 300,000 searches per month as these normally have a lot of competition. Using this type of search engine strategies you are almost guaranteed to pick hot domain names and great titles for your web/blog pages.

Here is a quick video by Matt Cutts of google that explains how Google reveal their search results


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