Web design and development

Squeeze page hits or misses

Ok, I hear you asking “just what is a squeeze page”?

Squeeze pages or a landing page as they are also known, is a simple 1 page website. It may contain an eye catching heading with graphics, or just plain text. What it must pocess is a very powerful attention grabbing title, there may be a special offer or a freebie giveaway.

One thing a squeeze page will always contain no matter what, is a subscribe form or E-mail catcha!

That is basically all that a squeeze page is for, grabbing your attention with compelling headlines or a gift and squeezing you into giving your E-mail address away. Users who subscribe then receive their free gift and are signed on to marketers autoresponder, this in turn then sends the user perodic E-mails written by the marketer and sent in a set order.

These E-mails may include a newsletter, free incentives or affiliate offers or the marketers own product range.


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